ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Learn in an Hour - Easy 5 Step Method

Unlock the secrets of ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & discover how you can communicate with animals in less than 1 hour!

Course Summary

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION is the ability to communicate with animals using your mind and senses. It's about understanding the telepathic nature of ourselves and other animals, and understanding what they are trying to tell you. Really, it's about connecting with our animal friends on a deeper, yet totally natural level.

Course Curriculum

Teacher: Helen DaVita

A teacher, mentor, writer and international speaker. She is recognised as a Spiritual Development Teacher to the spiritual community worldwide, inspired through her own experiences, she has developed a teaching style which encourages the development of the student to the next level. Helen is a former teacher and course organiser of the Arthur Findlay College. Her workshops have been hosted in many venues across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, and Australia. Helen is qualified to teach the teacher and has spent several years developing enriching programmes of online learning. She is an approved training provider for the IICT

Introducing Helen DaVita
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