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Clairvoyant journeying for accuracy & detailed evidence


Are you're looking to boost your clairvoyance and hone your remote viewing skills? This could be the ideal course for you! With practice, you'll become more attuned to the world of psychic and evidential mediumship with detailed insights.  

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Do you seek clairvoyant accuracy?

Would you like to increase your intuitive awareness?

Do you wish to help others through intuitive mind journeys?

Remote viewing is a technique and also a psychic ability, that allows people to view & experience scenes, objects & information through the mind's eye

Learning materials in your remote viewing course include

High quality video content
Text - based content
Downloads for offline use
Audio content
"It is a well organized coursework, with excellent audios and written materials to keep on working at ones pace. I highly recommend it. Grateful for all your hard work Helen Da Vita, you enhanced my awareness!"

Dr Sonia V

"It was a brilliant experience while comprehending the course. Lucid words, harmonious frequency, a thing that I had experienced during the exercises was absolutely magical."

Rangta J

"I am mesmerized my Helen's way of teaching! I love her curiosity and her research and the progression of the course. I especially loved how she puts it all together toward the end.

Kinberley S

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Remote Viewing Course