Discover Your Spirit Animals & Animal Shamanism

Discover Spirit animals and the healing wisdom of animal Shamanism
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Your Adventure With Animal Shamanism Begins Here...

Have you ever wondered about your Spirit, Power or Totem animal? Have you been drawn to Shamanism, natural spirit - even Native American wisdom, but not known where to start? Look no further as Helen DaVita guides you on an informative and gentle journey to find a starting point for your life and healing journey. Shamanism is the most natural organic spirituality known to us. We can trace it back for thousands of year. In this course I break down the fundamental aspects, in an easy to understand and logical journey of learning. You will experience a number of guided journeys with your animal spirits and discover, wisdom and healing. This is an ideal course to introduce you to animal Shamanism and the wisdom of spirit animals

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Discover The Shamanic Journey

Discover Shamanism and the power of the Shamanic Journey - let the gentle drum take you into the journey to wisdom and healing

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Learn About Spirit Animals 

Experience the journey to animal wisdom that our ancestors knew and how it can bring clarity to our life path
Helen DaVita The Teacher

Helen DaVita


"Finding purpose, healing and significance of our life journey, can only be achieved when we connect to our truest nature and everything in the world we are born into. We are not separate" Helen DaVita

Discover The Spirit Animals & Shamanism Course

  • 46 Video Lessons
  • Over 3 hours of guided meditations to download and keep
  • Useful handouts for reference
  • A journal template to print
  • Subtitles (English)
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Further recommended teachings
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Our ancestors have always known and respected nature and nature. They recognised, celebrated, respected and honoured the spirit of the animals. They found common understandings and learned so much by embracing this knowledge into their dreams, meditations and daily life. This is why it is so important to learn about spirit animals and Shamanism.

Through Shamanism and spirit animals, we are able to heal, make sense of, find balance and harmony in life. 

The course, provides the basic theory of spirit animals and Shamanism and then takes us on 7 guided journeys to connect with spirit animals through Shamanism. It is for beginners and those who would like to experience another approach to journeying. It is for those who are drawn to spirit animals, nature and Shamanism, but don’t know where to start.
"Finding purpose, healing and significance of our life journey, can only be achieved when we connect to our truest nature and everything in the world we are born into. We are not so separate" Helen DaVita

What they are saying
"The course is an incredible course and has taught me so much. I feel so enlightened by it and Helen's guidance and voice are amazing to experience. I will definitely learn even more and follow this path"

Ajax Harper
"I'm blown away! How come I never knew this stuff? It's made a huge difference to my life and my connections with nature and animals. I have to learn more with Helen - what a gem!"

Elinor Pedersen
"Shamanism and spirit animals always confused me. There seemed to be too much to learn, but Helen breaks it down into steps and it all makes sense now. It is wonderful - take the course - you won't have regrets!"

Marion Firlder

Introducing Your Teacher

Helen DaVita Teacher

Helen DaVita is the Director of Eagle Lodge Training and is an approved training provider with the IICT. She has over 30 years of experience as an international spiritual teacher & inspirational speaker, world-renowned Intuitive, Zoosemiologist, Animal Behavioural Ecologist and sentient Animal Communicator. Helen is also a leading educator of working in altered states and trance mediumship.

She is highly accomplished  in lecturing, mentoring & adult training. She has a successful background in academic social psychology, community welfare, inspirational speaking, metaphysics, global indigenous spirituality, meditation, speech & drama voiceover work. She is fully qualified to 'teach the teacher' & excels at bringing out the best in you for creating powerful learning experiences & inspirational workshops. Her own work has taken her across the world to teach & is highly respected for clarity, vision, originality, depth & is delivered in a 'no-nonsense' but compassionate, intelligent style. Her work and originality of thought are emulated throughout her fields of interest and there is nothing more rewarding for her, than planting the seeds of exploration in her students.

Recently retired from her role as a Course Organiser & Tutor of the unique & prestigious Arthur Findlay College, Helen devotes her time & expertise to sharing her experience and to those who need online mentoring and assistance in these fields of work.  You can also find out more about Helen on her personal website - join up to the mailing list and receive the blogs!

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